Please note auctions with Black Raven Armoury are a rare occurrence and only when prototypes specials or stock that’s not quite been up to our usual standard is available. Any auctions will be announced on our Facebook page after which you’ll be free to register your interest and begin bidding

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Placing A Bid

Placing a bid: Use the + and – symbols adjacent to the bid button to place a bid, bids for items will be raised in increments defined for each auction lot, you may leave a proxy bid up to your maximum and the system will raise for you in increments defined for each lot, until you either reach your limit or win the bid, the minimum bid is displayed between the + and – symbols next to the BID button


All prices are in US Dollars purchasers within the EU will have to pay 20% VAT on these


Shipping must be added to these bids at the checkout. Shipping for most of the USA will be $54 for most of Europe $33, for Australia and New Zealand in major cities $78 and the UK $15  For Canada and other countries or if you live in an isolated location in one of the above countries please email us your address at so we can tell you what the shipping cost will be.