Auction Item Jörmungandr LARP Leather Body with Shoulders

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This Auction is for ONE Body armour with shoulders chest size of 102-117cm (40-46 inches) with a Saddle Tan finish

The Jörmungandr LARP Leather Body is one of the most unique designs to be offered by Black Raven Armoury , this leather armour has been professionally dyed and built for you by ourselves. Created & designed by Alex Agricola, the whole set is made of premium grade top grain 3.2-3.5 mm Veg Tanned leather.

This armour is 100% suitable for a variety of uses, be it Larp events, theatre stage or big screen.

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The Jörmungandr LARP Leather Body / Chest Piece/ Breast-plate is a perfect foundation from which to create your own distinctive leather armour look.

The Design comes from Black Raven Armoury founder Alex Agricola and features a stunning Nordic Serpent motif embossed in a centre panel which represents the midgard serpent. The Vendel Raven shoulders (pauldron) complete the armour for anyone looking for a simple yet striking leather armour.

The Jörmungandr LARP Leather Body is also available without the Shoulders (Pauldrons)

The Jörmungandr LARP Leather Body is likely to become one of our most popular designs. It is dyed and built for you on site by our master craftsmen. The body is formed, as you would expect, from premium grade top grain 3.2-3.5 mm Veg Tanned leather.

This armour is designed to? be worn and used and is suitable for LARPING, re-enactment or theatrical use, detailed enough to be used on screen and will stand up to close scrutiny and the sternest critique.

Size M is a size of 102-117cm (40-46 inches)

Additional information

Weight 5 kg



Black Raven Armoury

Chest Size

40-46 inches(102-117 cm's), 46-54 inches (117-137 cm's)

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7th December 2019 4:22 am$330.00blackburncorey
7th December 2019 2:57 am$320.00guitarkirby
1st December 2019 8:00 pm$310.00tnite02
1st December 2019 8:00 pm$300.00guitarkirby Auto
1st December 2019 4:10 pm$286.00guitarkirby
1st December 2019 4:10 pm$276.00tnite02 Auto
1st December 2019 2:31 am$260.00tnite02
1st December 2019 2:31 am$250.00guitarkirby Auto
1st December 2019 1:06 am$240.00guitarkirby
30th November 2019 2:27 am$230.00tnite02
30th November 2019 2:27 am$220.00guitarkirby Auto
30th November 2019 12:33 am$200.00guitarkirby
26th November 2019 3:00 pmAuction started


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